This product was inspired for my then six year old sonís dirty little finger nails. Iím into good hygiene and giving my son a fun tool to help with that was my goal.

The Soap and toy concept has been done before but I wanted to re- create that concept. So my thinking was to add a nail brush to the soap thus giving a new look to an old idea.

All of the Wett Giggles animals have Shakespearian theme names. Why? I loved reading Shakespeare during my school years.

There are nine Wett Giggles in total. All but two come with the manicure nail brush. The two without are geared for the 2-3 year olds.

I named the product Wett Giggles because of the wet smiles children often get when washing their hands.

Enjoy the product and thank you for visiting the site.

Karen St. Clair